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I. Meaning of Estuary and Seashore

* Estuaries - areas where fresh and saltwater mix - are made up of many different types of habitats. Eestuary is an area where fresh water from rivers flows into the salt water from an ocean. Though these areas can be biologically productive ecosystems that provide habitats for many animals and plants, they can also be a harsh environment for others because of their high salt content. * Seashore  land by the sea.

Seashore law ground lying between high-water and low-water marks; the foreshore.

A. Climate

* The average temperature of an estuary ecosystem is not valid because an Estuary is an extremely fertile area where a river meets an ocean.  The average temperature in a estuary varies greatly because of the shallow water. The temperature of an estuary usually depends on the location and season. * The climates of estuaries are all different because of their location. For example if you have an estuary in Africa it might be warmer than the San Fransisco Bay in California (United States). Seasons may also differ from estuary to estuary. New Zealand's estuaries have just a wet and a dr​y time of the year while the Chesapeake Bay experiences all four seasons Summer, Winter, Autumn, and Spring. The average temperature and rainfall for all ​estuaries also changes based on where you are. The San Fransisco Bay's average temperature is 24°C and the average rainfall is only 52 centimeters of rain per year.

B. Plant and animals
* Plants that grow in estuaries must contend with exposure to wind and strong currents, as well as low oxygen levels and salty conditions. Despite these hazards, many species of plants prosper in the estuaries. Seagrass, or the Zostera capricorni, is a New Zealand native. It is a flowering plant with small, dark ribbon-like leaves that grows in the sea water. Eelgrass also thrives in the conditions of the estuary. Growing below the lowest tide level, eelgrass functions...
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