Estp's and How They Do with Others

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  • Published : April 4, 2005
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ESTPs (that's me) get great satisfaction from acting on their impulses. Activities involving great power, speed, thrill and risk are attractive to the ESTP. Chronic stifling of these impulses makes myself feel "dead inside." I have a natural drive to best the competition. The lights come on, the music plays, the game begins. Life is never dull around myself. My attractive, friendly style has a theatrical flourish which makes even the most routine, mundane event seem exciting.

I think I will be able to get along with ESTJ's, ISTP's, ESFP's, ENFP's, as well as INFP's. ESTJs are very much in touch with the external environment. They know their community and usually are pillars of strength. The best adjective to describe ESTJs would be responsible. They thrive on order and continuity. Being extraverted, their focus involves organization of people, which translates into supervision. While ENTJs enjoy organizing and mobilizing people according to their own theories and tactically based agendas, ESTJs are content to enforce "the rules," often dictated by tradition or handed down from a higher authority. ISTPs are often fearless, risking themselves more than other types, despite (even frequently) injury. Of all the types, ISTPs ar most likely to pit themselves, or their technique, against chance, odds, or fate. They thrive on excitement; they crave some excitement each day, in the form of fast motion - racing, sky diving, or surfing, for instance. This hunger for action makes them more subject to boredom than any other type, their urge driving them to faster pace. Strangely, however, they are not bored while doing their thing, even though there may be long stretches when nothing happens, as during travel, surfing, hunting, or fishing. "Where's the party?" ESFPs love people, excitement, telling stories and having fun. The spontaneous, impulsive nature of this type is almost always entertaining. And ESFPs love to entertain -- on stage, at work, and/or at home....
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