Estimatng Man Power

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Estimating Man power requirements

1. Determine the productivity standards from which the productivity ratio can be derived 2. Determine the volume of workload
3. With productivity standards and workload already established, the meaning requirements can be computed by dividing the volume of work by the productivity ratio. 4. One regular manning is determined, provide for relievers for employees on off-duty. 5. Estimate the labor cost. Make sure the total cost does not exceed budget. Reporting and documentation

House keeping report
The housekeeping report is used in conjunction with the front office room status information to check and confirm the most current status of all hotel guest rooms. The fundamental objectives in verifying actual roo service are:

1, to insure adequate guest service, avoid double booking and the assigning of out of order rooms.
2. maximize rooms revenue by being able to monitor availability of rooms.

The AM report

The am housekeeping room status report is completed daily usually by 10:00 am in some hotels 11am in Saturday and Sundays by the assigned supervisors. The information needed to generate such report is provide by the inspectress/inspector assigned to each floor/s.

At the beginning of each morning shift the inspectress/inspector checks the status of each room and places one of the following notations by each room number in their daily report form. 1. OD if the room is occupied and dirty

2. VD if the room is vacant and dirty
3. VR if the room is vacant and ready for sale
4. S/O means slept out. The room appears to be occupied, but the bed was not slept in. 5. D/L if the room is occupied but us double locked
6. OOO if the room is out of order.

The PM report
The pm report is similar to the a report, except that it is taken at approximately 4:00 p(5:00 pm on Saturday and Sundays). By this time it is expected that all rooms have been made up or cleaned. 1. VR if the room...
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