Topics: Gabriel García Márquez, Village, Wife Pages: 1 (283 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Mike Boodram
The handsomest drowned man in the world is a story by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. He was a Colombian writer of fiction. This story is about a small village’s discovery of a dead body. It begins as they discover the children of the village playing with the man. When they men went to the neighborhood villages to see if anyone was missing, the wives took the liberty of cleaning the man, shaving him, and clothing him. During this time they discovered how handsome he was, yet the look of innocence on his face. He was a huge man, they first thought about how lovely his life and the wife of his spouse probably was. But before long they thought of the cons of his size. Him always having to be humble because of this. No clothing ever fit the man. They were so intrigued they named him! Esteban, a prestigious name.

When the men returned to the village with news that no one in the other villages were missing, they decided to just throw him back in the sea. But something was different, the wives were postponing the man’s departure. The men quickly caught drift and wondered why their wives were so concerned about this regular joe’s dead body, until they removed his handkerchief and revealed the handsome man. It wasn’t that he was handsome; it was the humble look upon his face that made the men decides to give him a proper funeral. They were so compelled with there meeting of the man, they promised themselves that they would make bigger doors, bigger houses, & items, in remembrance of Esteban and the life he must’ve went through.
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