Establishment of Slavery

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  • Published : October 26, 2007
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.) During the periods of 1607 and 1709 the establishment of slavery was very important to the success of the colonies in Virginia areas. The land around Virginia and the Chesapeake bay was ideal location due to is rich soil and farmland as well as its closeness to the river ports making trading much more efficient and easy to conduct. For these reasons this area became a center for farmers. Virginia success was closely aligned to the success of tobacco. Tobacco was a product of great value to Europe and it made the Virginia area very wealthy. Tobacco was the underlying success of the economy in this area. The government of the time gave newcomers 50 acres of land to anyone that paid their way to Virginia. The caused many people to come to Virginia to start developing the land for farming purposes. In 1916 the first African arrived to Virginia. Between 1627 and 1669, the annual tobacco exports climbed from because the exports went up so much the price per pound dropped so much that the only way to make a profit was to grow and cultivate larger amounts of tobacco. The only way to grow large amounts of tobacco was with a large labor force. This force started out as indentured servants from England’s, but alter turned in to Africans. The number of African workers continued to grow as the need for workers increased expontially. The House of Burgesses realized that slaves were vital to the growth of the colonies and were very important. They started enacting laws to keep salves from gaining rights or getting to powerful. The made legislation that salves were property of there masters and of the white community. Edmund Jennings, the president of the Council, in acted the "Act concerning Servants and Slaves" stripping more of the rights that slaves had. This included not allowing salves to carry any type of weapon, or salves to meet in groups or visit other plantations without the written permission of the master. These rules and regulations laid the...
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