Establishment of Aligarh College

Topics: Islam, Hindi, India Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: May 15, 2011
The establishment of Aligarh College was the crowning of his work and it is by that work that his name will always be reverenced amongst Mohammadans and, indeed, by Indians of other creeds. Syed Ahmad Khan had set out to achieve the following objectives:-

To protect Islam from the onslaught of Christian missionaries and to prove that it was the one true religion; To remove the bitter enmity which had arisen between the Muslim and the British for religious or political reasons and to establish friendly relations between them; To reinterpret the teaching of Islam and bring them in harmony with Modern Science and Philosophy so that educated Muslims while holding on to their religion, might take a rational and enlightened view of life and meet the demands of the new age; To persuade Muslims to learn the English language and Western sciences so that they might secure a substantial share in the administration of the country. To maintain Urdu along with English as an associate official language and to develop it through translations and original writings”.

Sir Syed Ahmad’s services to his community may be summarized in three phrases; "loyalty to the British, devotion to education, aloofness from politics". He preached and practiced loyalty to the British rule. From his speeches, writings and letters, it is not difficult to read his mind.

In order to bolster up the morale of Muslims, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan took a number of measures that aimed at the cultural renaissance, social regeneration and the political rehabiliation of the Muslims in the sub-continent. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, during the early phase of his public career, believed in a United India but when the Urdu-Hindi Controversy and Hindu prejudices against Muslims rose in tempo, he began to express views indicating his belief in the Two-Nation Theory.

Hindu leaders of Benares proposed that "the Urdu language written in Persian Script should be discontinued in Government courts and...
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