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Topics: Social responsibility, Business ethics, Corporate social responsibility Pages: 3 (801 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Corporate Social Responsibility

Social responsibility in business can be defined as the obligation an organization has to minimize its negative social impact on stakeholders and to maximize its positive impact. In this case study we are introduced to a small local grocery chain referred to as Company Q. Located in a major metropolis, Company Q has recently closed some stores in areas of the city with higher crime-rates. They have started to stock a very limited amount of organic and health-conscience products after years of requests from their customers. Management has declined participating in a program to send expired food to a local food bank based on fears of employee theft by means of taking advantage of the situation. Based on the case study it can be determined that Company Q demonstrates poor corporate citizenship. Many of their key stakeholders are affected by the lack of social responsibility being portrayed by Company Q. Taking years to address consumer demand for organic foods, not giving back to the community by means of the food bank, and lack of trust within their work force reflects a misguided attitude towards social responsibility.

There are several steps Company Q can take to improve their attitude towards social responsibility and reduce their negative impact on their stakeholders. Company Q can stock more organic, health-conscience, and ethically produced items to meet the demand of consumers thus improving their stakeholder orientation. In recent times the demand for organically produced food has risen and even produced full sized grocery stores aimed to only provide organically produced goods. Company Q could source these products from local suppliers such as small farms or organic bakeries within the metropolitan area to reduce shipping and delivery cost in return lowering the cost of these goods. Locally sourcing foods could also reduce the production impact on the environment. Organic and health-conscience foods...
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