Est1 Task 2

Topics: Sun tanning, Employment, Ethics Pages: 4 (1595 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Welcome to Shine Sun Tan! We are so excited that you have made the decision to join our team! We have the brightest stars in the business and are so happy you have chosen to shine with us! Here at Shine Sun Tan we are not only dedicated to our clients but also our employees. We strive to provide our employees with a positive, pleasant, and fun work atmosphere. We believe if our employees are happy and taken care of, then they will do the same for our clients. In order for us to remain the best in the business we must follow a few guidelines and procedures set by Shine Sun Tan. Please take a moment to read over our Ethics Program as this will be knowledge you will use on a daily basis here at Shine! A.Standards and Procedures

Code of Ethics: The principles of the Shine Sun Tan Code of Ethics are expressed in a broad manner as a guide to ethical decision making. 1.Appearance: We will always arrive at work in our proper uniform (Shine Sun Tan t-shirt and jeans or shorts) and be ready to work. Your jeans or shorts should not have holes, and shorts should come to the tip of your fingers in length. We will arrive to work put together and clean. 2.Respect: We will always provide the highest level of respect to clients and co-workers. 3.Trustworthy: We will always be dependable, honest, and have always a “due the right thing” mind set. 4.Responsible: We will always keep in mind that this is a business and we must do what is right for the business and its clients. This includes but is not limited to attending all scheduled shifts, being on time for shifts, and working while on the clock. 5.Fairness: We will always treat all co-workers and clients equally without regards to age, sex, race, religion, nation origin, and sexual preference. 6.Citizenship: We will always show good character as well as a positive attitude. 7.Caring: We will always show a caring nature when it comes to co-workers and clients. All employees must follow these principles at all...
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