Est1 - Task 1

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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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Part A
Most businesses start with the primary thought of making money. As a small grocery store chain, it is hard to compete with the larger national grocery stores, which often force the smaller local stores out of business. It is this dynamic, with the help of consumers, which is forcing both small and large businesses to reconsider their organizational goals and outcomes to include social responsibility. A successful business understands their customers, learns what their customers presently need, and foresees what their customers will need in the future.

Company Q has shown little to no social responsibility. They have not demonstrated to the communities they are in that they are a reliable company by staying in the community. By staying in the community, Company Q would be providing jobs to local residents. When people who live in the community work in the community, they develop a sense of pride for their community. Having pride in the community would encourage residents to address the crime situation in the neighborhood. Company Q, also showed lack of social responsibility by not giving back to the customers who patron their store or to the community at large. This was evident by declining to donate day old products to the local food bank. If Company Q had a Code of Conduct or Ethics Program in which all employees were oriented to and expected to follow, the declination reasons would not have been an issue.

Part B
Recently, Company Q closed two stores in higher crime neighborhoods on the premise that they were consistently losing money. Because Company Q is a small business, they need to be fiscally responsible in where they open their stores. Understanding the demographics of the area where stores are opened will go a long way in determining the profitability and success of that store. To begin with, Company Q could have researched who their customer base is and what are the items these customers need. For example, do the people who live in...
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