Est1 Task 1

Topics: Social responsibility, Economics, Food bank Pages: 2 (486 words) Published: February 8, 2013
Attitude towards social responsibility is key in any business. Maintaining a good attitude with the community shows a strong connection with its residents. Participating in programs supporting the community is not only ethically responsible, but can improve business relations with community members. After evaluating Company Q’s attitude toward social responsibility, there have been a few errors found that should be addressed.

The first situation is closing stores in high crime areas reportedly because of losing money. In many communities, high crime areas typically mean lower income residents. There could have been other options to explore to improve profitability and social awareness within the community. Closing the store projects an image of the company that could be interrupted as closing the stores due to the high crime area. There is a possibility that this store was the only one if the area that offered groceries to the local residents and now they have to travel further for their needs. This doesn’t sit well with those in the community.

The second situation involved offering more organ and health conscience products. The first mistake here is that it took years of requests to get these products in the stores. The consumers in the community fuel business and if they want it, you should provide it. This shows that the store is listening to its customer base and makes attempts to provide what they are asking for. Also, it would be wise to offer more products instead of those that produce a high profit margin. This projects the image that the company is all about the money instead of providing healthy choices to its consumers. Again, image is everything and can affect the way the community interacts with the store.

The last situation involved the donation of day old products to a local food bank for donation. Although the possibility of fraud is very real, this is projecting a horrible image to the public. Throwing away perfectly good...
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