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Topics: Social responsibility, Corporate social responsibility, Socially responsible investing Pages: 2 (441 words) Published: December 5, 2012
From the given company information and profile, it seems that Company Q’s current attitude toward social responsibility could be improved. Customers are not only interested in what products and services stores offer, they are also interested in how the companies serve the community. Company Q needs to change a few policies in order to improve their current social standing in the views of their customers. First, closing stores in areas of need is not a customer-friendly policy. Next, offering products customers ask for, but with limited selection and high profit margins is not a customer oriented policy. Finally, refusing to donate day-old products to charity shows a lack of caring for the communities the company serves. Closing stores in higher-crime areas because they are losing money is not socially responsible. The information does not say they were closed because of being crime targets or that measures were taken to help the stores succeed. Before closing the stores, management should have tried different strategies to help the stores make a profit. Perhaps more community involvement within schools or charitable organizations in the areas would have drawn customers to the stores and also helped decrease crime in the neighborhoods. Current customers asked for Company Q to carry certain products, such as health-conscience and organic food items. These customers wanted to shop at Company Q to purchase these items rather than go to a different store. Company Q complied with the request, but did not do so as a socially responsible corporate citizen. These customers are obviously loyal Company Q shoppers or they would have gone to a different store to purchase the requested items. Company Q took advantage of these customers by offering the requested products, but with very high profit margins themselves. Instead of offering their most loyal customers some type of reward for shopping with Company Q, they are making the most money from them on their...
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