Topics: Mental disorder, Corporal punishment, Corporal punishment in the home Pages: 6 (1874 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Spanking is a corporal punishment. Since Parents have a huge responsibility regarding teach their children discipline and making a big efforts trying to teach them right and wrong. Some parents consider spanking as a right method of rearing children but others think that spanking is a form of child brutality. Discipline is very important to make children know how to think and decide in good way and control their own behavior . Also, discipline gives child self esteem. Almost all parents who spank their child , they do it because they were spanked when they were children. So based on their previous experience, they believe that spanking is a way of rearing children. And spanking will repeat itself in generation till faced one who is awareness. Parenting is not easy, because it need to be ready before being parents by educating. spanking teach children to stop what they doing without understanding reasons specially, parents commit spanking when they are out of control. And also spanking is not teach them what they supposed to do in future. Children are the future and we want them to be a successful element in society. Parents should stop produce criminals who have been educated corporal punishment as a way of people communicate and express emotions. Block (2008) said that spanking is using a hand to make a physical punishment for children on purpose to educate discipline .  In the United States, spanking history exists since along time but currently, people percentage who encourage spanking has been decreased (Block, 2008). parents who support spanking are having their reasons (Block, 2008) .First ,parents learned from spanking based on their childhood experience. Second, they cite what Bible said about support spanking (Block, 2008). Third, they believe that spanking is effective way to teach children discipline(Block, 2008). Fourth, they think that rearing without spanking, children will be immoral (Block, 2008).

spanking is a controversial subject, some people agree with it and others are against it. A lot of studies show that spanking is not a healthy way to behave with children. Smith (2012) argues that  there are a lot of researches which prove disadvantages of spanking.  And Parents are not aware of spanking abuse (Smith, 2012).  Also, a lot of studies prove that spanking causes many physical and mental problems and affect children to be more aggressive and offensive (Smith, 2012). So the studies conclude that there is no positive result from spanking children (Smith, 2012). Spanking has been proved that it harms children more than rear them. Spanking may cause a dramatic result that destroy child life. 

Parents are the first teachers in child life. They have to be aware about healthy ways of children rearing and spanking disadvantages. Also, government should enforce laws to protect children. In the last ten years , there are a lot of countries that found many rules against spanking children. Rutherford (2011) reports that In the last hundred years, the United States has increased many laws to protect children. The states assert  authority over child safety means, there are many choices of methods to teach children discipline but spanking is outlaw (Rutherford, 2011). And parents who are prefer to use physical punishment are often aware of States' authority  to investigate and determine the boundaries of appropriate child discipline (Rutherford, 2011). Endeavors to aware parents the consequences of spanking, will decrease the risk of mental illnesses.

Spanking in childhood caused mental disorders in adulthood, and also increase risk of depression, anxiety, lack of self confidence and suicidal thoughts. There are a lot of studies that prove there is strong connect between spanking and mental diseases. Shu (2012) says that there is a study published in the July issue of the journal Pediatrics assure that the main cause of mental disturbance is physical punishment. Also, researchers from Canada...
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