Topics: Sibling, Chronic kidney disease, Nephrology Pages: 3 (1028 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Narrative Assignment
By: Kadarrian Allison

August 16, 2012 my parents were informed that my little sisters kidney were failing. As a human being I did not know the first steps of dealing with the situation that was at hand. My sister, Shametra, have always looked up to me as a role model and wanted to follow in my footsteps. Shametra and I did many things together as a brother and sister. I lived a normal and happy life as a teenager and guided my sister in the right path. I taught Shametra many things and lessons in life, what I taught her is what I myself did not learn through the experience of her kidney; failing with the possibility of having to get placed on a waiting list for a kidney transplant at children’s medical center. My sister always talked to me about important things that were going on in her life, my job was to listen and help her find peace and knowledge on the subject that were at hand, and to demonstrate how to maintain, and stay focused threw the problems with a positive outcome. I was told about my sisters condition a week after the doctor had announced it to my parents. With my head down I calmly walked in my sister room, ’’ How was your doctors visit ?Did your doctors visit go well?’’ With a sad look on my face I looked her in her eyes as she spoke to me with pride and happiness. “ yes!’’ she said with a smile on her face,’ mom and dad told me that I was doing fine!’’. As I lifted up my head I could tell that the relationship that I built with my sister had affected her in a positive way. I knew in my mind that everything wasn’t okay, turning my head, with tears trickling down my face ’’ That great!’’ I replied. My mother was standing in the door way with a look on her face that no kid could bare to look upon.

Weeks went by and my sister were still acting normal as me and my parents kept a close eye on her. Shametra kept a smile on her face, with my knowledge that I had given her, nothing could keep her down. MY parents was not...
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