Esssay Unit 36

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  • Published : January 14, 2013
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|Hazard |Who might be harmed and how? |Existing Controls |Circle Appropriately | |Slips Trips and Falls |Employees, Visitors, Contractors and|Food and drink within meeting rooms are strictly controlled. Any spillages are cleared up immediately. | | | |others may trip, slip or fall over | |Yes or No | | |due to spillages on floor. | | | | |due to defective floors |Floors are maintained in good state of repair, |Yes or No | | |due to effective floors |Floors are shiny and polished to be slippery |Yes or No | | |due to trailing leads |Leads from the PC are contained within the limits of the desk. Projector is hardwired without need for trailing wires. Any |Yes or No | | | |portable equipment used is located so that trailing wires can be taped down to the floor or restrained in some other way. | | | |due to coats, bags, legs in the |Visitors are reminded to keep gangways and walkways clear...
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