Essey About Euthanasia

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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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Euthanasia should be legalized? As human beings we should all have the right to end our suffering and to choose a dignified, quiet death. Euthanasia is the hastening of death for a suffering, terminally ill person. It is a quiet and easy death. Indeed, the term euthanasia quite literally means in Greek a good death. Euthanasia should be made a legal procedure within Australia as any such legalization would give people the legal right to choose a ‘good death’, a dignified death for them. The historical information, definition and explanation of the term euthanasia are worth to be known before the discussion. The word "euthanasia" comes straight out of the Greek. Therefore, euthanasia gives the meaning of "good death" or is popularly known as "mercy killing". Euthanasia involves the action of terminating intentionally the life of a human being to eliminate suffering for his or her benefit. When a person has a terminal disease and all types of treatments have been practiced, and yet the endless pain of the patient still exists: Euthanasia could be an option, depending on the case. Normally, doctor will induce the death with a lethal injection. We all should have the right to choose to die if our circumstances are completely intolerable. We grant animals these rights yet we currently do not offer humans the same opportunity. Who are we, as a civilized society, to force a competent, yet terminally ill person to endure a lingering and painful death? A patient may request euthanasia because they are afraid they may experience degeneration, pointless suffering and the ability to control their life. For this reason doctors should be able to provide their patients a safe way out and enable them to enjoy their last days. A patient need not suffer months of agony or live a life they no longer wish to live. Humans have a very strong will to live and will tolerate an exceedingly meager quality of life before giving up. When a terminally ill patient has decided they are ready...
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