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How did war world 1 impact women at the home front during the war? Sources history/british/ britain_wwone/ women_employment_01. shtml (December 2) O.P.V.L BBC is a reliable source because it is a source for educators and news for all levels of education. There are all types of information including lesson plans, articles and news. BBC origin is a British Broadcasting Corporation. Established in 1922,London. The founders of BBC are John Reith and George Villers. BBC purpose is to “enrich peopleʼs lives with programs and services that inform, educate and entertain.” The values of the source are that it has benefits of hindsight; this is because they wrote this a long time after the event, which makes them less likely to have strong emotions that will make them biased. The source was written long after the event, so it has a greater ability to see turning points/ key events. This source has credibility, because it was written by academic authority. The limitation of the source is that it is not first hand, meaning that facts could be changed or interpreted differently over time. This source might be biased because it is British. It might take their side. In my opinion overall BBC is a trustworthy source. Notes Beyond Domestic Services: -WWI changed the role of women politically and economically. -WWI gave women bigger opportunities in paying jobs. -Around two million women took over menʼs jobs - The War left women with a a wide range of jobs that were not available to them before and different jobs opportunities in different fields - “The war revolutionised the industrial position of women - it found them serfs and left them free.” Said the founder of Cambridge College in 1918 - The war changed women's roles in factories. It gave women job opportunities which was not available before. Summary: WW1 affected women in the home front because it gave women an opportunity to prove themselves in a male role, doing more than house work and caring for...
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