Essential of Planning

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Essential of Planning

Name : Zammy Haryo Kusuma
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Planning is a complex and comprehensive process involving a series of overlapping and interrelated elements or stages, including strategic, tactical, and operational planning. Strategic planning establishes master plans that shape the destiny of the firm.

One of four managerial functions is planning it involves setting goals and figuring out ways of reaching goal, in planning a manager look to the future, the important of planning expands as it contributes heavily to performing the other management functions. Planning is important because it contributes heavily to success and give you some control over the future, the value of planning is in the process itself, planning also can improve the productivity, quality, and financial result.

Planning include strategic, tactical, and operational planning. Strategic planning establishes master plans that shape the destiny of the firm. Tactical planning it translates plan into specific goal and plans, it also provide details how company will compete within its chosen business area. Operational planning identifies the specific procedures and actions required at lower levels in the organization. However, both tactical and operational must support the strategic. 1. Define the present situation

Defining the present situation includes measuring success, and examining internal capabilities and external threats. 2. Establish goals and objective
It contribute to the attainment of goals
3. Analyze the environment to forecast aids and barriers to goals and objective As an extension of defining the present situation, the manager attempts to predict which internal and external factors will foster or hinder attainment of the desired ends. 4. Develop action plan to reach goals and objectives

An action plan consist of the specific steps necessary to achieve a goal or objective. The planner must figure out specifically hoe they will accomplish such end encouraging user to keep use until later. 5. develop budget

planning usually result in action plans that require money to implement, like promotion and advertising. 6. Implement the plans
If the plans developed in the previous five steps are to benefits the firm, they must be put to use. A frequent criticism of planner is that they develop elaborate plans then abandon them in favor of conducting business as usual. 7. Control the plans

Planning does not end with implementation, because plans may not always proceed as conceived. The control process measure progress toward goal attainment and indicates corrective action if too much deviation is detected. 8. Make contingency plans

It is an alternative plan if the first plan cannot be implemented or a crisis develops. Strategic planning and business strategies
A framework can be used to develop the strategic, operational tactical, strategic planning can help company to move into emerging markets or invents the future of the firm
Business strategy is a complex subject that can be viewed from many vantage points. Business strategy from three major perspective: its nature, how its develop, and a sampling of the various types of strategy in use. You must understand that the nature of business involves more than operational effectiveness or being efficient. Competitive strategy means deliberately choosing a different set of activities to deliver a unique value, so the costumer interest to it. After the company find the place to sell the good it can best if the company make a trade off, like in internet. Strategy includes efficiently combining activitites related to making a product or service. The chain of company activities fit and support each other to form an effective system. The development of business strategy

Business strategy develops from planning. Strategic planning encompasses those activities that lead to the statement of goals ad objectives and the...
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