Essential Job Selection Tools: Hiring Program at Supermarkets

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  • Published : January 21, 2011
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The three selection tools I would choose to use for a hiring program at a supermarket would be reference checks, criminal records check, and behavioral analytics or behavioral metrics. These selection tools were not easily chosen. These three selection tools were chose instead of any of the others because after researching all of the selection tools available these three selection tools appeared to be more beneficial to a supermarket position and a chosen applicant. According to Bohlander and Snell (2007) these tools should become standard for a position such as this.

A combination of these three selection tools would work better ten just one selection tool alone would. As a combination these tools would help human resources choose the best applicant for the job. These tools would also help human resources choose the applicant that has the knowledge of dealing with customers with ease and feel comfortable in the position they were hired for.

The first solution tool chosen for a hiring program in a supermarket would be a criminal records check. According to Bohlander and Snell (2007) a criminal record check has become standard in helping prevent incidents such as embezzlement, theft, and workplace violence to name a few workplace crimes. Bohlander and Snell (2007), also mention the fact that “…state courts have ruled that companies can be held liable for negligent hiring if they fail to do adequate background checks,” (p. 254). It is believed that anyone can change and do better but temptation can cause a person to take a small item or a small amount thinking no one will notice or turn violent during a stressful situation.

This selection tool would be very beneficial to a supermarket by curbing theft of inventory, merchandise, and cash. There is one disadvantage to this selection tool. A crime may not be on an applicant’s record at the time their application is submitted, leaving management and human resources clueless to any crime the applicant may or may not have committed.

The second selection chosen for a hiring program human resources may use is behavioral analytics. This tool would be used to gage the applicant’s psychological base and give the applicant some understanding about how to work with customers should they be hired for the position they have applied for. The psychological base helps human resources and management train the applicant to work through a stressful event based on how the applicant reacts to the situation.

This selection tool can also help the applicant to look for clues to what psychological base a customer has and how to react to the customer, providing the best customer service possible. The disadvantage to this selection tool is whether the applicant is being honest or not during the initial assessment.

The third selection tool in the hiring program for a supermarket position is reference checks. This selection tool is as important as the first and second selection tools. This selection tool will allow human resources to make the applicant being considered has adequate experience and knowledge to do the job applied for. Reference checks also inform human resources of the applicants past wages, if the applicant missed work frequently or come in late frequently and whether the applicant has been truthful on their application.

Although this selection tool is very helpful, many states have laws limiting what information past employers can give in a reference check. In Tennessee a former employer will only state if a past employee is on rehire or not for rehire status. Past employers are reluctant to give any other information about past employees. Some past employers are even reluctant to discuss a former employee’s attendance. According to Bohlander and Snell (2007) previous employers are sometimes reluctant to give much information concerning a former employee because there have been cases where former employers have been sued for giving poor recommendations on the...
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