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  • Published : January 28, 2013
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Vanessa Camberos
Professor Valente
English 5H Per: 7
16 December 2012
“Merry Christmas Mom”
This past Thanksgiving, I went to go visit my mom in México, who I hadn’t seen in seven months. My mom lives in Guadalajara, Jalisco 36-hours away from Phoenix. She came to Mexicali and stayed at my aunt’s house, whichis where we all spent Thanksgiving. My little brothers were so pleased once I told them that I had brought them Hot Pockets. I had the most amazing time with her and my little brothers. The whole time I was over there it felt magical. I had missed my family so much. I promised her that next time I would go visit her at her house so I can see all of my little brothers and sisters.

My plan is to visit her, unexpectedly, over Christmas break. At first I was thinking that I was going to take a shuttle bus all the way over there, but then I remembered that my uncle Robert works at Sky Harbor Airport. That means that I can catch a roundtrip flight for only 80 dollars. I only have half of the money, not included extra money for snacks and souvenirs when I arrive. I’m also thinking of inviting my older brother on the trip since the ticket is a buddy pass and it’s economical. I overheard him talking about going and visiting my mom as well. The problem is that I have to get my passport in order to go in the airplane. My grandparents already paid for it’s just that the passport will come through the mail between today and next week. To collect the other half of the money I will be babysitting my little cousins all this week and I also made a bet with my friend that we will win this week’s basketball games and I’m certain that my basketball team is capable of doing that. If I win the bet I will collect 20 dollars. I also believe that my older brother will pay some of the fees. With the extra money, I will try and buy my little brothers and sisters gifts for Christmas so they can have a present to open up for Christmas. It’s rare to open up a present...
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