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Topics: Pope John Paul II, Decision making, Catholic social teaching Pages: 2 (651 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Haviland 1
Casey Haviland
Ms. Traum
Theology CP
17 April 2013
Peace and Justice Day Essays
1. Human Dignity is the catholic teaching that because all people are created in gods image, each person has inherent worth. And excellent example of a violation of Human Dignity is human trafficking, one of the workshops at peace and justice day. Human trafficking is a violation Human dignity because, in trafficking people, you are assigning a value to their lives and worse, making the value of their lives lesser than yours. This contradicts CST because humans are all equal, and their lives are infinitely valuable. 2. Community is the Catholic teaching that humans are one family and we need one another. As humans we need each other to fully become ourselves and progress as a society. The workshop, Families of September 11th, is an example of community. When a tragedy like 9/11 happens the community and the world came together to support the survivors and the families of the victims. Without this community it would have been much harder for families to cope and understand what had happened. Having your neighbor be concerned is one of the greater reliefs that you can have. 3. Common Good is the Catholic principle that teaches because all humans, live, work, and fulfil themselves in community with one another, they must work for the benefit of the community, and not just themselves. A good example of this principle is the Service immersion trips workshop at peace and justice day. 4. Participation is the Catholic principle that states that all peoples of all levels of society have the right to participate in the decision making process concerning issues that directly affect them. An example you can pull from peace and justice day is the Death Penalty workshop. The death penalty is a widely debated issue with many backers from both sides of the debate from all walks of life. It embodies participation because we as citizens get to vote on it and make the decisions for...
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