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Essays on Children’s Vaccinations

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Essays on Children’s Vaccinations

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Child Immunization To Do or Not To Do

As a mother of two small children, I know all too well about the immunization of my children. With my first child I use to dread attending the doctor when I knew shot were due. It pained me to have to hold down my child as a doctor administered these “long needeled” shots into my babys thigh. It alwaysed seemed to me that they had to jab the shot in which at that time I didn’t understand. Yet, I knew that is was for the great good, and though it had its side effects. I knew I would rather deal with a low grade fever and a extremely fussy child than if I chose not to vacinate. I believe that the pro’s of vactionating out weighted the con’s. and even though I think is abit crule that its for the great good. Latley though there has been a new wave of parents who feel that immunizing their children is no longer needed, or that it clashes with some peoples religious beliefs. Vacionating for children doesn’t just benefit the kids but also the community. It is the reason that America has araticated some diseases that are still prodominent in other parts ogf the world.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were 61 reported cases of measles in the United States in 2010 and 12 cases reported this year through mid-February. What awful about this statistic is that some of the cases reported was due to children to young to receive vacnation where exposed to children whos parents didn’t immunize.

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