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Topics: Cold War, Soviet Union, Cuban Missile Crisis Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: February 16, 2013
Forzana Ali
Thirteen Days

The 50th anniversary of the Cuban missile crisis and result is the world hardly survived. All Thanks to John F. Kennedy’s good judgment to resist almost all his advisers' recommend invading Cuba, and to Nikita Khrushchev's magnanimous choice to ''lose face'' rather than to danger failure of human kind. It is important to know your challenger. The two sides well-known a direct communications link that became well-known as the Hot Line. It was expected to this would help out stop dangerous confrontations such as the Cuban Missile Crisis arising over again. Three months after the Cuban Missile Crisis the United States secretly removed all its nuclear missiles from Turkey and Italy. A Test Ban Treaty was signed between the two countries in August 1963. The treaty prohibited the testing of nuclear weapons in the atmosphere. The 1,113 prisoners captured during the Bay of Pigs invasion were exchanged by Castro for $60 million in food, drugs, medicine and cash. The Soviet Union became determined to have a nuclear capability that was equal to the United States. This was achieved by 1972. China accused the Soviet Union of being a 'paper-tiger' and claimed to be the true leader of the Communist movement. The split between the Soviet Union and China became wider. The United States became convinced that the Soviet Union wouldn’t go to war over a different communist country. It has been disagreeing that this buoyant the United States to help attempts to depose socialist and communist governments in Vietnam, Nicaragua and Grenada. Khrushchev didn’t think JFK would stand up to him. When he did position to his land the Russians were amazed. A 2nd important point is neither leader, nor side, could afford to look weak to the world. This inescapable a result had to be set up so equally would look like winners. Although the public was told single thing, backdoor negotiations worked out a result. It is important to carry on communications...
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