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The success of many fast-food chains in Metro Manila is largely due to the fact, that they are able to deliver the equality of services expected of them of the people who lead hurried lives. These people businessmen, executives, ordinary employees and workers, students and others, depend on these fast food chains for their food sustenance to keep them going throughout the day. Thus volume of customers turned to these establishments everyday, that keeps service crew on their toes to attend to them especially during peak hours. Customers satisfaction however, depends on the efficiency of their service crew in meeting the demands of the many customers they have to attend to everyday. No where is the importance of human resource clearly exhibited than in fast food chains.

According to Martines, people constitute an organization’s most important and vital factor in its success or failure. By and large, while the human factor determines both its input and output, it is also its most significant input and even output in many instances.

Through and by men, the others money, machines materials, methods and markets are acquired and utilized. The quality and utilization of the latter are almost always affected by decisions about and by human resources. Indeed, the accomplishment of the goals of an organization depends upon the availability and utilization of all these ingredients the interaction of which are people caused.

The acquisition, utilization and development of financial, material, technological and marked resources which may be exhaustible are dependents on human resources. If the latter is available and capable, the other factors can be of great use to the organization. It is through people that they can be either harnessed and developed or dissipated and lost. Man does or undoes what exists, man creates or by passes opportunities and scenarios. Hence, people power is the most significant and potent factor of all the resources available to an organization. An organization may start with zero funding, but with creative, resourceful, hardworking and honest people, it becomes financially available has really just begun. The fact that this subordinates can do the job well does not mean that they necessary will. There is always the possibility that the quality and the quantity of their work may fall short of targeted objectives. This implies that job satisfactions and employees morale is dependent on the leadership style of the manager. From these perspective, the study adopts the concept that leadership contributes significantly to the success or failure of the organization, by its effects on the morale and job satisfaction.


The focus of the study is to determined the effects of the leadership style of the managers of the fast food chains on the morale and job satisfactions of the service crew. Specifically, it seek to answer the following questions: 1. What is the profile of the service crew in terms of:

a. Sex
b. Age
c. Civil Status
d. Educational Attainment
e. Experience (As service crew)

2. What is the leadership style of the managers of fast food chain as perceived by the service crew? 3. What is the level or degree of job satisfaction of the service crews? 4. What is the degree of job satisfaction among the service crews? 5. Does leadership style of managers affect the morale and job satisfaction of the service crews?

The study and the problems advanced herein are based on the following premises: 1. Managers of the three fast food have more or less similar leadership style. 2. The morale and job satisfaction are partly influenced or enhanced by leadership style of the managers. 3. Managers do not adopt a single leadership style.


In relation with the problems and assumptions advanced in the study, the following hypotheses are...
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