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Brett Peppe9/13/12
Mr. Wood

Fantasy Football Essay

The website I would use to host my fantasy football league would be the league on the NFL website. I would chose the NFL website because I feel like they have a better knowledge of the athletes and I think they would be the first one to know what player is playing and who’s hurt. The NFL website has notes and facts about the player if you just click on his name and it will show you what there facts are. The type of league I would pick is a football league because that is the sport that I know the most of and pay the most attention to it.

In my league I would have just 10 teams. I would choose 10 teams because it would be easier to manage. Another reason I would pick 10 teams because it would give each team an even chance to win and nobody will have all bad players because they were last pick in the draft. Doing this would also help it become more fun and everyone will have at least a couple of super stars.

The way I would do my draft is I would invite people over to my house and have a little fantasy football draft party. I would hang a white board up and have all the names of the teams on it. Then I would have everyone come in and select a person one by one and have them write it down on their team section. I would do that for about 14 rounds. On the team I would make it so they need at least 1QB 2RB 2WR 1TE 1K 1DEF 1WR/RB/TE and 5 bench players. Everyone would have one pick a round. First pick would go from one to ten then I would go back down for the second pick from ten to one and keep going in that pattern. I think those positions would be best because this way you have a chance to score enough points each week. These are the key positions that get the most points and so these positions are best for a competitive league.

In this league the rule for waiver wire/free agent acquisition will be dealt with every Wednesday because this way if there’s a Thursday night football game...
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