Essays About Break-Up of a Friendship

Topics: HVAC, Heat pump, Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning Pages: 20 (6720 words) Published: January 29, 2013
Republic of the Philippines
Makati City
PART I. Summary of Proposal
C. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT: (General objectives of the project, its significance, output expected and major activities envisioned under the project.)  
E. TIMEFRAME: (Project duration in weeks and approximate starting and completion dates.)  

PART II. Technical Description
A. OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT: (Problem area/s to be investigated, objectives of the project and expected results.)  
B. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE PROJECT: (Relevance and usefulness of the project to issues and problems in planning and policymaking.)  
C. SURVEY OF PAST AND CURRENT RESEARCH ON THE SUBJECT: (Brief synthesis of past and current research findings and recommendations on the problem being investigated.)  
1. Conceptual Framework of the Study: (General description of the conceptual framework of the study.) 2. Sources of Data: (Sources of available data and the methods to be used in gathering data which are not available.) 3. Analytical Tools: (Techniques and tests to be used in analyzing the data.)  


History and development of the company
Production of electrical heating elements has a more than fifty-year tradition in Hlinsko. In 1943, a small joint stock electrotechnical company ESA was founded. It started with production of small household appliances, namely cookers and irons, where resistant spirals of own production inserted in ceramic base were used. In 1948, a licence of a Swiss company Maxim-Aurau for production of sheathed tubular heating elements of flat-oval cross section has been bought. This launched an outstanding expansion of production of electrical heating elements and subsequently heating appliances. After becoming a state-owned company in 1948, the company subsequently changed its name to Elektro-Praga Hlinsko in 1950. A research and development department was founded in 1953. Thus, production of heating elements for various industrial applications was enabled. In 1960, a production of sheathed heating elements with circular cross section has been started. Since 1964, this production has been concentrated to a new production hall featuring an area of more than 7000 m2. Modern and productive technologies together with construction variability led to dominant market share on the Czechoslovak market. In 1991, Elektro-Praga Hlinsko became a joint stock company again and the name was changed to ETA a.s. in 1994, the name being identical to its registered trade mark. Production facility of heating elements was incorporated as Plant 03 of the Company. During 1999-2000, the heating elements produced in this Plant under ETA trademark kept its traditional dominant position on the Czech and Slovak market. Since the beginning of 2001, the Plant 03 has been acquired by Backer Elektro CZ, s.r.o., a member of BACKER GROUP, a part of Swedish concern NIBE INDUSTRIER AB. This concern of European significance has three divisions, whereas the heating elements division belongs to the most important ones. It has twelve production plants all over the Europe, one of them being Backer Elektro CZ. Total turnover of the concern was 7 billion CZK in 2000, of which turnover of heating elements division achieved almost one half. At present, annual production of Backer Elektro CZ represents about 1 million complete heating elements in wide range of technical parameters for various usage in many applications in industry, traffic, household appliances, gastronomy etc. In addition to its core business, Backer Elektro CZ produces instantaneous water heaters, storage water heaters, towel dryers and bathroom infrared heaters. Due to long term experience and know-how in development and construction and with its advanced production technology, Backer Elektro CZ is competent to...
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