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  • Published: October 19, 2013
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Respected Judges, elders and dear friends. Good evening to you all. Today, I am going to share, few of my thoughts with you on the great gift of God, Mother Mary, Mother of us. Evangelist John, records only three sentences uttered by Our Saviour on the cross. The first among them was "Behold, thy mother!", thus giving “Mother of God” to “the mother of each one of us”. Our mother “the most favored one” of God , who enjoys the most intimate relationship with the Holy trinity, as the daughter of ‘The Father’, Mother of Jesus and spouse of the Holy Spirit is our great mother, “ The Mother most pure” . God the Father thinks of mother Mary, “The women in Genesis” as the mother of Our savior and prepares the world for the time to come. He protects mother Mary from original sin and fills her with Holy spirit. Our mother the perfect choice of God was with her son during His life and death. After resurrection she was with the disciples as “THE MOTHER of the church” on the day of Pentecost. God glorifies our mother, the arc of the covenant, by her assumption, body and soul , as St.John writes in the revelation Chapter 11, “I saw the arc of the covenant in the heaven” The Popes, the Saints and the doctors of the church experienced her motherly love and affection and enjoyed giving her titles after titles. We sing all the her praises in the Litany Today, pilgrims from all over the world comes to Our Mother, full of grace, love and compassion to seek favors from her like children looking for favors from their mothers. Our mother, the great intercessor of our needs, fills our life with joy as she did during the wedding at Cana. Mother Mary is praised as a mother all over the world. The great marian sites, all over the world bear witness to the motherly love of Our Lady. The favors the entire mankind enjoyed through her intercession are numerous. The miraculous mother loves each one of us and protects us from every evil. Our mother showed her...
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