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  • Published : May 28, 2013
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Establishing and Maintaining Rapport with Students
Rapport is defined as a relation or connection. Having good rapport with students should be consistent throughout the year. Being able to maintain rapport throughout the year will help the teacher better understand what needs to happen to help your student succeed.

Building a rapport with students can make the difference when teaching, especially in a tough class of different students. Developing rapport can include building trust, using humor and getting to know the students outside of the classroom. It can not only help to better understand the background of students but can also help with classroom management and instruction. When you have good rapport with your students and your teaching a lesson and they do not understand the lesson, they will feel comfortable enough to ask for help.

Building rapport with students can be a effective way to improve classroom management. But there is some confusion over what rapport is and how one goes about building it. Rapport is nothing more than a connection made with students based on their positive feelings toward the teacher. When students like and trust their teacher, and when it turns out they like and believe in his/her teaching, he/she will form a bond that makes classroom management a lot easier. When you smile when passing out materials, checking student work, taking attendance, or anytime you have occasionally make eye contact with individual students which shows them they are doing a good job. No matter how old you are when a teacher tells their students they are doing a good job it makes the student want to continue learning and succeeding in his/her teachers class. Observing teachers and watching them closely has really taught me a lot. Closely watching them greet and hold decent conversations with their students was an inspiring experience. Striving for a pleasant classroom experience is an attainable goal I hope to reach with my students. By...
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