Topics: Weimar Republic, Adolf Hitler, Great Depression Pages: 3 (495 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Failure of the Weimar Republic and Rise of the Nazis Historiography

Legacy of the War
“There is little doubt that the stigma of the so-called “November Criminals” hung like a giant shadow over the period of Weimar Germany. ” McGonigle

“The lament of so many decent …Germans about the burdens and cruelties inflicted by the allies on an innocent Germany….. undermined democracy….and facilitated the rise of Hitler.” Hugo Preuss

Many Germans saw the Treaty of Versailles as “ a vindictive Allied plot to humiliate Germany.” – McGonigle

Political Weaknesses of the Weimar Republic

“The effect of governing under Article 48 …..was to put effective power into the hands of the President and the group of right-wing politicians and army officers which surrounded him.” McKichan

The Economic Problems Faced by the Weimar Republic

“…to the ordinary German, it [the hyperinflation of 1923] was the fault of a government that had accepted reparations payments….and appeared to have played no active part to prevent the crisis….deepening.” McGonigle

“..The whole structure of the German economy was unhealthy. An over-reliance on foreign investments left the Weimar economy subject to the fluctuations of the international economy.” McGonigle

The Great Depression

“The NSDAP was in the fortunate position, unlike almost every other party in the Weimar Republic, of appealing to different groups for different reasons.” David Welch

“…a disastrous economic blizzard….” McKichan on the Great Depression “Hitler would almost certainly have remained on the fringes of politics had it not been for the Great Depression….and the hardship it brought.” McKichan

“There is no doubt that Germany suffered much more than Britain and France during this period and that Hitler exploited this misery to the full.” McGonigle

The increase in electoral support for the Nazis after 1929 “was directly related to the growth of mass unemployment and the growth of political instability...
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