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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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* More discussion of language and poetic divices used in migrant hostel * Comparison simile: homing pigeon,
* Darkness of the way that second stanza ends “partitioned of at night by memories of hunger and hate; just about the memories of being haunted by the trauma of war. * During the day the refugees are like homing pigeons, trying to find their own people but then they're separation in the conclusion of the stanza * Emotional complexity in this poem is very much conveyed through the tone of ambivalence, (created through glimpses) the sort of sad images and darkness but then there's more sections that show some kind of connection and belonging and yearning; the main way we get the sense of belonging is through the first half of the second stanza with “the nationalities seeking each other out recognising accents” but then they're “partitioned off at night”. * At the end again when they're passing the barrier gate; so they're kind of like prisoners in a way,” to pass in and out of lives that had only begun” sense of hope in a way that a new life is beginning or we’re dying” showing they’ve given up and the trauma of war and displacement is overwhelming or has set its course on someone giving up on life * You get the little elements of windows of positivity but then again we have these harsh images and sad tones of loneliness and darkness. *

* Use of simile them being like birds and pigeons and birds of passage. “we live like birds of passage” so that's birds that migrate from one place to another by the seasons “always sensing a change in the weather but unaware of the season and whose track he would follow” so again, they're birds of passage but birds of passage would normally follow the seasons and they have a route that they fly every year, annually according to the seasons, well here its saying they're unaware of the season and not sure of what the track is; there is that sense that because they're birds...
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