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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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Definition Essay
Trees, rivers, air, even family and friends, are all considered to be elements of our environment. But what happens when all of the different parts of what makes up an environment are destroyed, poisoned, and die out? Or the type of social environment you grew up in prevents you from reaching your full potential? The idea of an environment is changing every day, it used to be the idea of wide open skies, not smog; of rain forests filled with mysteries, not burnt stoops in a desert looking area; to be able to choose who you are, not be told what to do for your entire life. The idea of environment is changing, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. Environment can be considered anything in the world, any one person’s surroundings could be considered their environment. Environment is the future. Environment is our future, and the future of the next generations to come, not to mention the countless animals and plants that are on the earth that are needed for our ecosystem to survive.

The dictionary definition of environment is the air, water, minerals, organisms, and all other external factors surrounding and affecting a given organism at any given time. As well as the social and cultural factors and forces that shape the life of a person or of a population. Environment, and the type of environment you live in effects almost everything in your life. Ever heard of nature vs. nurture? That’s right, that nurture and the environment you are raised in even effects your personality, and who you are today. If you are raised in a volatile environment, then you are more likely than someone who was raised in a calm, supportive environment to fail. Environment is your surroundings and whats around you. Its where you live. In nature, the totality of surrounding conditions. The world around you is your environment: air, sun, ground, sky, house, woods; whatever you live within is your environment. In mental health, it is the atmosphere and...
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