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  • Published : March 28, 2013
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Leadership assignment
John Lee Oct.25.2010

An example of a laissez-faire leader is Steve Jobs the co- founder and CEO of apple. Steve Jobs along with many CEO’s are all examples of laissez-faire leaders. He is a leader that is highly motivational and poses very creative ideas. He is a leader that is important for business and is able to make important decisions that will affect the company as a whole when needed. He is a leader in which all leadership roles are shared amongst the employees, without the cooperation of each and every one of the employees it is very hard for him to succeed. Democratic

An example of a democratic leader is Barack Obama. Barack Obama along with representatives of countries around the world is categorized under the democratic leader type. He encourages decision making from different directions to meet the expectations of his citizens with different perspective and personalities. He is a very motivational and inspirational leader. He relies on his party to help him succeed and meet the expectations that his citizens have. Autocratic:

An example of a autocratic leader is Mark Zuckerberg. As the inventor and co founder of Facebook he needs to be an autocratic leader because he needs to make his own decisions and be able to figure out what is best for the company without the help, guidance and persuasions of others. He is required to make important decisions quickly as the decisions may affect or influence the success of the company greatly. He is someone that employees and users depend on to make the right and best choice for the company and network. Yet he can be the exact opposite and not important to others. Therefore he is a strong and independent leader that makes decisions without the reference of others.
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