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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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Amarildo Rroku
Mr. Ramos
ENGL 110
Short Essay #1

Coca-Cola and It’s Influence
Kids aren’t autonomous actors in life. They prone to be very influenced from different factors. One factor that kids are very attracted to is advertisements. They are very attracted from animations and images, and most of the time they endeavor to adopt them in their real life. In very attractive advertisements we find Coca-Cola, one of the most popular drinks in the world, yet not healthy. In the beginning, coke was manufactured using cocaine, and that’s where it got it’s name. The main consumers were troops, fighting in war. It gave them energy and they felt good, but in meantime they where becoming more addicted to it. This was a big problem and very unhealthy. They now needed to change the formula and to contain cocaine, but caffeine. This came to be different but still very unhealthy. In Coca-Cola’s wide spread helped it’s creative advertisements that were very entertaining. In 1900s they started developing new ideas, different what they used before. Instead of using just text on newspapers, now they started relying on young women as their spokespersons. They never stopped improving their ads. As in 1930s, they reached a very high success by using Santa Claus image for their ads. Using Santa Claus image, that was very beloved to the kids, they now achieved to get kid’s attention. This ad continued for decades and was one of the reasons that kids liked coke more. Aside Santa Claus, one of the Coca-Cola’s most memorable symbols of the company, is the animated Polar Bear. It’s ads were very entertaining as they played around drinking coke. The main message in the Coca-Cola advertisements is that this has positive affects like “ You drink coke, You feel good”! But we misled by these advertisements, especially children. They do not show the other side of the story, which can be very harmful to our health. As a matter of fact, it’s bad consequences has...
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