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  • Published : February 14, 2013
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Example Essay:Comparative Essay – Rebecca Gray

The artists I examined were both two very portraiture artists The two I am going to examine are: Pablo Picasso who designed the image called ''The Weeping Woman'' in 1937 and Peter Howson who created ''The Boxer'' in 1977.

Pablso Picasso a spannsih painter who used cubism styles to design his posters designed ''The weeping woman'' in 1937 which has brought attention to many people over the years and has become extremely famous with his use of bright colours, extraordinary different shapes and emotion throughout many of his designs. Picasso took apart objects and analysed them in terms of their shapes into a further development of the genre cubisim, in which cut up paper, often wallpaper or portions of newspaper pages were pasted into compositions making a collage of fine art.

One of Picasso's most famous paintings called the ''weeping woman'' which was painted in 1937 is an example of Picasso's style: cubisim which includes different sized shapes and essence of an object with bright and dull colours to form a contrast with each other and different kinds of emotions. The study of this painting can be communicated by a human face, it has the features of a specific person, Dora Maar, whom Picasso described as 'always weeping'. Your eyes wander over the sharp surface and you are led by the jagged black lines to the pictures centre, her mouth and chin, where the flesh seems to have been peeled away by corrosive tears to reveal hard white bone. The handkerchief she stuffs in her mouth is like a shard of glass. Her eyes are black apertures that when you are inside this picture you are inside pain; it hits you like a punch in the stomach and Picasso does an extremely good job at conveying the meaning behind the image. The bright yellow background contrasts with the white grey in the centre to show how the woman feels. The bright yellow makes the rest of the main focus on the image stand out strongly which is the...
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