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Annual Examination - 2013

Class: IIPaper: ComputerMax Marks:100

Q1.Choose the correct answer. (10 marks)

i. ROM is the abbreviation of
a: Random Access Memory b: Read Only Memory c: none of them ii. A computer is a _______ machine
a: slow b: fast c: hard
iii. _______ is available from a computer
a: RAM b: ROM c: both of them
iv. A computer can store _______ numbers
a: shoes b: telephone c: both of them v. Shopkeepers to use computer to make _______
a: sweets b: bills c: steam
vi. Computer makes learning
a: easy b: difficult c: hard
vii. The screen of your monitor appears as shown below this is called a: start button b: window desktop c: screen viii. ________ is used for drawing pictures

a: color box b: too box c: paint
ix. Move the pointer to programs in the start menu. Another list appears this is called the _______ menu.
a: accessories b: start c: program x. C.P.U. is the abbreviation of
a: Central Processing Unit b: Compact Personal Unit c: Color Paint Unit

Q2.Fill In The Blanks. (10 marks)

i. A computer can not make _________.
ii. A high level computer can also take ________. iii. Computer keeps account of the ________ of customer in a bank. iv. You can draw diagrams of science on ________. v. We can see informative ________ on computer. vi. The ________...
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