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  • Published : January 22, 2013
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1. My Last Day At School
(A Farewell Party)
I shall remember my last day at school throughout my life. It was 2nd of March. We were bidden farewell by class IX.
It was Sunday. We reached school at 3 P.M. The school hall was beautifully decorated for the farewell function.
The party began at 4 P.M. For about an hour we ate to our hearts content, (‫)جی بھر کر‬gossiped (‫)گپیں لگائی‬and laughed very much. The farewell function started at 5 P.M. Mr. Salman, a student of class X, made a moving (‫) جذباتی‬speech in which he mentioned our long and deep association (‫)تعلق‬with the school as well as the class. He wished us every success in future (‫)مستقبل‬

After this speech, I, on behalf of (‫ )کی طرف سے‬my class, thanked the host (‫ .)میزبان‬In my speech (‫ ,)تقریر‬I lauded (‫)سراہا‬the good arrangements, (‫)انتظامات‬made by the host and accepted their good wishes for all of us. I was feeling sad because of the separation from my old and august institution in whose lap (‫)گود‬I got education. For me, it was not merely (‫)محض‬a school, but it was a cradle (‫)گہوارہ‬of culture (‫)ثقافت‬and civilization (‫ .)تہذیب‬In the end, the reverened (‫ )قابل احترام‬Headmaster made an impassioned (‫)جذباتی‬speech in which he appealed us to build our mind and character on sound lines. He advised us to adhere (‫)چمٹنا‬to the glorious (‫)شاندار‬traditions of this institution (‫.)ادارہ‬ After his encouraging (‫)حوصلہ افزائ‬speech, the function came to an end. We left our school with heavy hearts casting our last looks at this great institution.

2. Sports and Games


Sports and games play a significant (‫)اہم‬role in the development of human personality (‫ .) شخصیت‬They are as important for human body as food grains (‫ )غذائی اشیائ‬and fresh water. They keep us active, healthy and smart. Games and sports are called co-curricular activities (‫.)ہم نصابی سر گرمیاں‬ They are an important part of our school curricular (‫ .)نصاب‬Pakistani students are very fond of sports and games. The facilities (‫ )سہولیات‬are, of course (‫ ,) بے شک‬inadequate (‫)ناکا فی‬at present. The situation is expected to improve in near future.

Games and sports create in us the sense of discipline (‫ . )نظم وضبط‬The captain of the team works like a General and the team has to obey the captain. All these things create sportsman spirit in the minds and souls of the players. They learn to lead their life in a disciplined manner. Games and sports are a very good and useful source of recreation (‫ .)تفریح‬They utililze (‫)استعمال کرنا‬the vacant (‫)خالی‬time of the young generation. So their personality develops and they do not indulge in (‫)حصہ لینا‬such activities like gambling (‫)جوابازی‬and drinking (‫.)شراب نوشی‬ Sports and games keep our body and soul healthy. A sound mind is always in a sound body. Health is Wealth. If one loses his health, he will not be able to carry out his duties efficiently (‫ .)بطر یق احسن‬As a result, he will be left behind in the race of progress.

3. My House
"East or West, home is the best". It is a famous old proverb ( ‫ضرب‬ ‫ )المثل‬which is true to the hilt (‫ بالکل سچ‬µ). My house is situated (‫)واقع ہے‬on the main road. It is not far (‫ )دور‬from my school. It is double storeyed. It is fitted with electricity. There are four rooms in each floor. There are marble chips on the floor. We have covered the drawing room with wall to wall carpet. The show-cases in the drawing room have been tastefully decorated. It has a kitchen and a bath. It has four bed rooms. I have a folding study-table in a corner of the drawing room where I study and do my home-work.



All the rooms of my house are airy, neat and clean. They are whitewashed every year. We have all the facilities of modern life in our house. Very nice people live around us.
I have grown many beautiful flowers...
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