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  • Published : January 13, 2013
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King’s College, Cambridge
Annual Report 2011

Annual Report 2011
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The Provost

candidates at too late a stage to announce its formal cancellation. But, unsurprisingly, with no candidates there was no election. That was in June 2011. In July the Fellows found an alternative way of filling the hole created by my departure in December. Instead of electing This is my sixth Introduction to the Annual Report. I hadn’t planned to do it. I wrote my first before starting as Provost and I had hoped to land this one on my successor on the same basis. (“They want to hear from the rising rather than the falling star and in any case you’ll be in post by the time people read it.”) It’s not that I failed to persuade my successor to take it on. It’s that the College failed to find a successor for me to persuade. The College failed to find my successor. I There will accordingly be another election some time in 2012. If you have any good ideas about who should be chosen, I am sure that the College would be grateful to know. It could be yourself or someone else from King’s that you know, or you could get someone else you know to suggest yourself. A Fellow will in due course be appointed to run the election but in the interim you may address all good ideas to the Vice Provost. It’s important for the College to get it right. I’m informed that we had several good candidates last time. We certainly need them again and it’s worth your care in creating good suggestions. It gives me great pleasure… Yes, this is for real. Having done the McGuffin, introducing the Introduction at excessive length, here beginneth the real McCoy. I start with an update on two matters about which I wrote in previous years. Two years ago I described how Market Hostel (Market Hill Hostel to those of a certain vintage) was completely sheathed in polythene like a Christmas present waiting to be opened. Well, we unwrapped the present and found a lovely building inside. Just what we’ve always wanted. Excellent views in all directions, of the market, Great St Mary’s and the Chapel. Superb communal kitchens for mixing. And we now as planned have Market Hostel connected to the podium behind Kings Parade to form a complete elevated court across the road. This involved reconstruction of the roof of David’s Bookshop, with a better naturally lit shop in consequence. The other part of the wrapping on which I’d commented was the works proceeding down the court side of the chapel. This is also all now completed. someone to succeed me, they made the best of a bad job by re-electing me for a further two years until July 2013. It turns out that I have succeeded myself and so, in that sense, I have indeed managed to dump the writing of this Introduction on my successor. It gives me great pleasure that [etc].


Professor Ross Harrison

am irreplaceable. Whatever consolation that might give, it still means I have to

write this Introduction. It gives me great pleasure that... No, wait, let’s first go back to the failure to find a successor bit. For this is highly unusual; a lightning strike. In the 570 years that the College has existed, I don’t think that it’s ever happened before. A date of election in the chapel was fixed and announced; everything was ready to go. Then, just before the off, no one to elect. There may, with hindsight, have been some occasions when the Fellows would have been better advised not to have gone to chapel and made that particular election. But they always did; this is the first time that they have in advance resisted the pleasure of participating in the competitive ceremony. I’m not allowed to take any part in the election of my successor. (I have to avoid...
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