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I. (A) RECRUITMENT Civil Servants (Appointment, Promotion and Transfer) Rules, 1973 Appointment, Promotion and Transfer Rules for Ministerial Staff Method and Conditions of Appointment to Posts in BPS 4 and Below Bar Against Making Recruitment Without Framing Recruitment Rules for Civil Posts Framing of Recruitment Rules Framing of Recruitment Rules – Making Ad-Hoc Appointments Framing of Recruitment Rules : Consultation With FPSC Standardisation of Pay Scales and Recruitment Rules for Librarians Working in the Federal Government Organizations Recruitment Rules for the Posts of Private Secretary (BPS 17) to the Secretaries/ Additional Secretaries and Other Officers in BPS 21/22 Provided with the Services of P.S in the Federal Government Recruitment to the Posts of Private Secretaries to the Federal Ministers and Ministers of State Framing of Recruitment Rules of Project Posts Mode of Appointment of Daftries and Record Sorters Mode of Appointment of Naib Quasids, Jamadars & Daftaries: Seniority-cum-Fitness and Principles of Literacy Recruitment of Peons (Naib Quasids) – Improvement in the Working of Federal Secretariat Merit/Provincial/Regional Quotas for Recruitment to Civil Posts Provincial/Regional Quotas for Recruitment to the Civil Posts Under the Federal Government Reservation of 10% Quota for Employment of Women Across-the-Board in Federal Government Services Reservation of 10% Quota for Women in the Central Superior Services Reservation of 10% Quota for Employment of Women Across-the-Board in Federal Government Services Provincial / Regional Quotas for Recruitment to the Civil Posts under the Federal Government Quota for Posts in Islamabad Capital Territory Administration and Autonomous/Semi Autonomous Bodies Quota for Azad Jammu & Kashmir Nationals in Pakistan Services Adherence to Quota for NA & FATA Employment of Balochis and Sindhis in Federal Government Organizations at Karachi Verification of Antecedents on First Appointment Eligibility of Women for Appointment to Posts In the Service of Pakistan Appointment to Higher Posts Without Observing Due Process

45-52 52-54 55-57 58 59-60 60 60-61 61-63 63-64

9 9-A 10 11 12 13 13-A 13-B 13-C 13-D 13-E 14 15 16 16-A 17 18 19

65 65-66 66 66-67 67 67-68 68 68-69 69-70 70 70-71 71 72 72 72 73-81 82 82-83

20 21 21-A 22 23 24 25 25-A 25-B 26 26-A 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 Appointment to Higher Posts Other Than in Accordance With Rules and Procedure Detailed Recruitment Rules Not Necessary Only Method of Appointment, Qualifications, Experience etc. to be Notified Amendment in the Recruitment Rules of Civil Posts Consultation with F.P.S.C. in Respect of Recruitment Rules Procedure for Creation of Posts of Officer on Special Duty (O.S.D.) and Making Appointments Thereto Recruitment to the Upgraded Posts Upgradation of Posts and Procedure for Filling-up of Upgraded Posts Upgradation of Posts Policy for Upgradation/Redesignation of Posts Educational Qualifications for Clerical and other Non-Executive Appointments (upto Class-II) Requirement of Attested/Photo Copies of Supporting Documents From Employment Seekers Bar Against Future Recruitment of Persons Possessing Matriculation Certificates in English Only Checking the Genuineness of Educational Certificates/Qualifications etc. Educational Qualifications for Recruitment to the Grade of Assistant in the Federal Secretariat and Attached Departments Qualifications for Urdu Stenotypists/Stenographers and Urdu Reporters Minimum Educational Qualifications for Direct Recruitment to the Grade of Stenographer in the Federal Secretariat and its Attached Departments Eligibility of Purely Temporary Matriculate Stenotypists for Promotion as Stenographers Merger of the Cadres of Urdu and English Typist/Stenotypist/ Stenographer for Purposes of Seniority, Promotion etc....
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