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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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Lesson learned.
Jal and Jay are two friends and neighbors who lived in Corpusville, Vistagreen City. These two boys are classmates since grade school and until now that they are already in high school. They have many things in common, and one of those is that they love to play online games. Both of them are so much addicted to it. They even skip meals and skip classes just to spend their money and the rest of their time on the internet cafes. Their parents have no idea what their sons are doing. They thought that they are doing well in school.

Final quarter of exams is fast approaching; the school has sent letters of reminders to parents to pay for the tuitions fees, since students are not allowed to take exams if they haven’t paid their tuition fees yet. Jay’s mother, Mrs. Carla, a single parent was very busy for the that week asked his son that he will be the one who will go to their school’s finance office and pay for the tuition fee and she will just give the money to him. One day in going to school, Jay met Jal on the road. Jal invited Jay to skip classes for that day and that they’ll go to the internet café because there is a new released game on that day. Jay who’s an addict to computer games went with Jal without hesitations. On the internet café, Jay’s already out of money, he then remembered that he brought with him the money that her mother gave her for his tuition fee. Jal knew about this so he told Jay to use the money for now and pay for it tomorrow. Jay used the money right away thinking that he can pay it by the next day. The next days, same thing happened, both guys did not attend classes and Jay continued spending the money that supposed to be for his tuition fee, he even pay for his’ friends use of internet. Jay’s mother have no idea that jay did not pay the money yet to the school. And next day is the last deadline for the payment. On the day before the exam day, Jay was not in school, her teacher; Ms. Grace was very concerned on what was...
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