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Table of Contents
Company Profile1
Introduction (ChenOne)1
Vision Statement2
Mission Statement2
Stores in Pakistan3
Stages of Internationalization4
International Assignments5
Organizational Structure6
Structure of ChenOne6
Hierarchy of ChenOne7
Control Mechanism9
Reporting Procedure at ChenOne9
Place of HR function9

Company Profile
Introduction (ChenOne)
As the millennium takes a turn, the free flow of information, resulting from the internet and satellite has resulted in a sweeping change in the fashion trends throughout the globe. Responding promptly to the market need, Mian Muhammad Latif, Chief Executive of Chenab Group, visualized a brand catering to such market requirements. ChenOne is a subsidiary of Chenab Limited, formally Chenab Fabrics and Processing Mills Limited. The Group is one of the largest exporters of home textile products from Pakistan ChenOne is a chain of fashion stores owned by Chenab Group (based in Faisalabad, Pakistan).The first ChenOne store was opened in 1997 at Islamabad ChenOne has stores located in Pakistan and the Middle East. Fashion products by ChenOne are featured in leading fashion magazines of Pakistan. The ChenOne kiosks are popular attractions in the Dubai Shopping Festival and it is a reputed and well-known brand inside and outside Pakistan. ChenOne is a subsidiary of Chenab Limited, formally Chenab Fabrics and Processing Mills Limited. The Group is one of the largest exporters of home textile products from Pakistan.

Vision Statement
“To be a competitive and customer focused organization with continuing commitment to excellence and standards”. Mission Statement
Mission statement of ChenOne comprise of following key points:

* To be business house of first choice for customers.
* To be change leader.
* To produce innovative, relevant an cost effective products. * Setting and maintaining high standards
* To earn profits by achieving optimum level of production by using state of the art technologies. * To provide ideal working conditions to employees and to take care in their career planning and reward the according to their skill and responsibility. * To meet social and cultural obligations towards the society being a patriotic and conscientious corporate citizens.

These are some objectives for which ChenOne management is highly concerned

* Customer satisfaction
* Quality assurance
* Changing life styles
* Employee satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction
The main motive of the chenone is to satisfy their customers, they believe that they are loyal with their customers and vice versa. Quality Assurance
To ensure that the quality of their products are up to the customers’ expectations Changing life styles
It is also the slogan of chenone, they believe that they are trend setter and change leader in the market Employee Satisfaction
Employee satisfaction is a major objective of Chenone as they are going to reduce the turnover `rate by using different techniques (intrinsic and extrinsic Rewards)

Stores in Pakistan
* Islamabad (Opened in 1997)
* Rahim Yar Khan (Opened in 1997)
* Lahore (Gulberg branch) (Opened in 1998)
* Faisalabad (Opened in 1998)
* Karachi (Opened in 1999)
* Rawalpindi (Opened in 2001)
* Peshawar (Opened in 2002)
* Abbottabad (Opened in 2004)
* Lahore (Defence branch) (Opened in 2004)
* Multan (Opened in 2005)
* Sialkot (Opened in 2006)
* Gujrat (Opened in 2006)
* Karachi (Tariq Road) (2008)
* Bhurban (Opened in 2008)
* Sargodha (Opened in 2009)
* Bahawalpur (Opened in 2009)

Stores in other Countries
* Abu Dhabi
* Dubai (Jumeriah)
* Makkah
* Bahrain
* Ajman
* Sharjah
* Riyadh

The act of bringing something under the international control is called internationalization...
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