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Arlena Drayton
Journ 1
Journalism Benchmark Assignment Topic #1
With Reality T.V shows like Little Miss Perfect representing the outrageous measures of how pretty the toddler girl wants to be or how the mother compels their toddler in the direction of what the image should be for a gold medal of some sort, is clear for the young toddler girls who watch the show start to imitate or wish to require how they want to be in their near future. Then we have Americas Next Top Model content for the older maybe pre-teen to adults to appeal how you should look at a certain age to define the structure of beauty and style. Furthermore there are presentations for thousands of beauty product commercials in vain of Olay, Maybelline, in addition Revlon sharing the types of procedures to progress beauty in the subject. It all comes in attendance with air brushed magazine advertisements in the name of Self, Vogue, and Seventeen by means of immaculate celebrities all capturing my eye in every television program I watched, as well as trying to grasp the image I may desire to look like. This influenced my fashionable sense in my previous years to an upcoming adult in plenty of positive and negative ways on how to interpret the concept of beauty.

There was a point and time that I set in motion as a child growing up the fact that I wanted to be like those beautiful flawless faces, with my hair falling in the direct place every time I made a movement which obviously under no circumstances have I ever came close to it. This had become my short term ambition to try to meet those standards when going out, at work, or even going to class. As I tried to comprehend the real meaning of style, health, and beauty this celebrity appearance that the media displayed very much became my biggest concerns of how I should look in my everyday life as far as the way I dressed, the latest styles, and the way I wore my hair. It was always the reflection from the individual...

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