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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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Job Safety Analysis|
Job Title: Renovation work of Cleaning Ceiling Lighting | Location: the Atrium in Shopping Mall|
Department: Tech. Department| Responded by: | Date:|
| | | |
A. Priority job| B. Sequence of Job Step| C. Potential Hazards| D. Preventive Measures| I. Erecting the mobile tubular scaffold| 1. Selecting qualified person or subcontractor| * Employ no experience worker or ineligible subcontractor erect scaffold which will increased accidents occurred throughout.| * Employ trained workers who have adequate experience to erect scaffold.| | 2. Visiting and cleaning workplace and erect hoarding or fencing the workplace| * Uneven ground will be made the mobile tubular scaffold move; * Debris will be affect the movement of mobile tubular; * Pedestrian will get hurt without announcement of renovation work.| * Leveling the ground or using the stabilizer; * Clean-up the on-site debris; * Hoarding the workplace and notice the warning "Work in Progress".| | 3. Erecting mobile tubular scaffold on the site| * Damage scaffold; * Lack of components;| * Do inspection of scaffold which be made by certified materials and is tested and signed by competent person. * Replace the damaged and fill the components which are qualified.| II. Applying the workers to carry out the cleaning work at the mobile tubular scaffold| 1. Inspection of the mobile tubular scaffold.| * Not stable because incorrect installation; * Scaffold maybe is unsound in use for some time. | * Inspect detailed on each connected parts of scaffold; * Should not be more than 14 days to carry out regular inspection by a competent person.| | 2. Climb up the mobile tubular scaffold| * Workers accidental fall * The scaffold may overturn during climbing * Being hit by objects falling;| * Workers must wear a seat belt, and keep it connected to a safe anchorage when they are climb...
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