Essay : a Moment I Wont Forget

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  • Published : July 18, 2012
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Whenever I hear this verse I am taken back to the far corners of my mind, to that place where all my memories lie. Life is a collection of moments. However, I never thought it actually happened in real life. I never expected to have a “moment” of my own. When it arrived, mine was much more powerful and unforgettable than I could have ever imagined. There is a moment in my life which I can never forget is when me, and my fiancée went to a picnic with our friends and families. I had a wonderful traveling Experience with a great family gathering, on a beautiful location, but the most special moments in this picnic was with my fiancée. It was a wonderful morning with great weather and we all were ready for the picnic at Victoria Resort, near Lake Michigan in South Haven, MI. I was very excited that day than anyone else because Esha, my fiancée was also coming with me. Finally our picnic bus arrived to take us to our destination. The bus trip to the picnic was one of the most enjoying moments which I had with my Esha and all family members, we were singing songs, dancing, playing cards, eating snacks and much more. I remember those places and different objects passing by us during our trip, such as rivers, Lakes, Jungles, Flowers, big sign boards and many more. After 2 hours of drive we finally reached our Picnic spot. It was one of the beautiful places, I never visited before. We headed to our resorts and gave us a little time to relax. After some time we all friends and family decided to enjoy our best moments in this beautiful place. I saw some beautiful statues around the resort and some decoration on the trees and plants. I was really relaxed between Gods nature. The waves of water, white sand, trees, flowers, rocks and the cold breezing winds made me feel out of this world. I really loved the place and enjoyed it much as I can.

It was good to have a big number of family members with us and we all enjoyed the event...
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