Essay : "A Child Called It"

Topics: Physical abuse, Psychological abuse, Child abuse Pages: 2 (738 words) Published: June 15, 2011
A Child Called It Persuasive Essay
A good majority of sophomore students dislike reading old and boring classic novels that are on standard reading lists. It is definitely time for a change in Rhode Island English classes. The breath-taking novel, “A Child Called It” by Dave Pelzer should be added to a mandatory reading list for all tenth grade students. Abuse is an issue that people deal with every day. By reading this book, people will become more aware of the severe crime. This is one reason that all students should read it. Another is it makes teenagers appreciate their good home life and become more respectful towards their parents. Lastly, all students should read this novel because it makes them have hope and determination that negative situations will end positively. Stories tend to end with good endings, most of the time. A Child Called It is one of those stories that does end well. After all the suffering the main character, Dave Pelzer goes through, it ends with a happier ending. He is away from his abusive mother and that is all he cares about. “I’m so lucky. My dark past is behind me now” (Pelzer 156). All in all, there is always a happy point. This shows all students that are in tough situations that it will get better. There is hope for everyone that believes there could be hope. This is yet another reason all students should read A Child Called It. Many sophomore students take their lives for granted. Here at Cranston West a good amount of students go home, grab some money, then hit the mall after school. After reading this astonishing novel it will make people think, “Wow I am lucky”. It will encourage students to appreciate their parents, therefore they will be more respectful towards them. "My relationship with Mom drastically changed from discipline to punishment that grew out of control. It became so bad at times, I had no strength to crawl away--even if it meant saving my life” (Pelzer 29). This quote can be very touching. Many teens...
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