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  • Published : September 24, 2012
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Essay on corruption:Corruption is a meanace which is engullfing the morality of society.It is the cause of social tension and crime in many countries.Depending on context corruption is defined diffrently.In the matters where the morality and character is involved corruption is defined as “impunity of someone’s morality and abondoning the ideals”. In the matters where money is involved corruption is defined as the “giving money or other favours to a person for which he is not elligible by law to some favour in return.”essay on corruption. essay on corruption The word corruption has been originated from “corrupt” which means something that dosent works perfectly due to some faults.Coruption can be in many forms in many regions there are various names given to the act of corruption.In arab region it is known as “Rishwat” ,while in english it is known as “bribe” .It occurs in both sectors viz, private and government sector. In the government sector an act is deemed corruption when some people uses government officials or representatives to get influence decisions due to their vested interests. essay on corruption. essay on ocrruption ,corruption essay Corruption has be pesisting the world from the time imemorial.Now a days it is present in every walk of life.There are manyt feilds like politics,police department and government services which are badly marred with corruption.Its is due to corruption in these feilds the common people have to face many difficulties.Which leads to revols ,uprising ,crimes etc. essay on corruption corruption essay Reason of corruption : Basicly weakness of law and order is the reason behind corruption .It has been found that people who are indulged in corruption have no fear of law or being caught.These people are somtimes officials of high authority and they know how to use the complication of law in their favour.essay on corruption. the second m0st reason behind corruption is lack of vigilance organizations in a country.It has been...
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