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Vishal Retail Limited - Guidance Sheet for Stock Count at Retail Stores

|S.No. |Activity |Responsibility | |1. |The stock count is to be carried out for 14 divisions, wherein, one division will be covered in one day. |Project Team, CA Firms and Store. | | |The stock count is required to be conducted by scanning all stock items in a given division. | | | |The stock count has to be carried out during the night between 10:00pm – 8:00am to ensure timely and accurate | | | |measurement of stock. | | | | | | | |Physical verification of the stock at stores shall be carried out as per the attached schedule. Refer Annexure 1. | | |2. |Key Responsibilities - |Internal Auditors (CA firms) | | | | | | |Ensure stock count is carried out as per the prescribed schedule | | | |Ensure that all items of a given division are counted. | | | |Ensure that each item is counted only once and that there is no duplication | | | |Identify the damaged / unsaleable stock and prepare an article wise list of such items. | | | |Report all deviation from the prescribed process. | | |3. |Stores have to follow the guidelines as described in Annexure 2 |Store, Internal Auditors (CA firms) | |4. |Stock count is to be carried out by scanning all items as per the prescribed process given in Annexure 3. |Store, Internal Auditors (CA firms) | |5. |The CA firm / internal auditors are required to prepare a report in the prescribed format as given in Refer Annexure 4 |Internal Auditors (CA firms) | | |and email the same daily at | |

Vishal Retail Limited – Stock Count at Stores – Project Team

Vishal Retail:

Mr. Sudhanshu Agarwal
Mr. Manshu Tandon
Mr. Pius Monteiro
Mr. Rahul Ranjan Singh
Regional and Area Managers

Axis Risk Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.:

Team Axis

Contact Details:
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