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How Essay writing is being processed step by step:
In every essay, the following are required:
1) What to write:- the content of the essay
2) How to write: - the organization, diction (key words), general structure of the essay. 3) Understanding the topic/issue of the subject matter.
4) Plan and structure your essay.
5) Creativity on your writing (speak through your writing).

Now, every essay is expected to comprise of at least 5 paragraphs. This entails: I. Introduction/ topic sentence.
II. The thesis statement of the essay.
III. Body of the essay.
IV. Extension of the body and examples.
V. Conclusion
In writing an essay, assume the reader does not know anything about your essay so you have to write in detail not-withstanding the knowledge of your marker or reader. Make sure your essay is structured very logically and rich in the appropriate diction, the use of indirect speech should be avoided

Analyze- look at the essay question or prompt.
1) What is it asking you to do?
2) Is it prompting u to explain the reason of an option of yours? 3) Is it prompting you to take a stand on a particular issue? 4) If you are being asked to argue for or against something, you may have an immediate got reaction to what you are being asked. 5) Pay attention to how you feel. If your immediate reaction is “of course!” or “never!” Ask yourself how you feel that way. See whether you can spot any keyword or short phrase in the prompt that triggers your reaction. E.g. consider the following essay prompt “If we rest, we rust”. This statement is certainly true; inactivity and lack of exertion over time can cause our skills to deteriorate through disuse. In-fact, people who have seized practicing and activity for a long period and who attempts to take it up again frequently are thwarted in doing so because of the decline of their skills. Do you think that...
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