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Topics: Water supply, Water, Desalination Pages: 6 (2173 words) Published: May 28, 2013
“Strategies targeting demand are more effective than supply-side strategies in overcoming water challenges faced by humans.” How far do you agree with this statement? EYA. There is only a limited supply to the amount of water available for humans in the world. Due to population explosion which resulted in overpopulation, when the demands of our growing population exceeds what the Earth’s resources can provide us with. One such resource is one of our basic necessities, water. Besides, due to the growing affluence of people around the world through urbanization, there is an increasing demand for the amount of water for both industrial and domestic uses. Hence, two types of strategies are implemented in an attempt to resolve the problem. Strategies targeting the management of demand (demand strategies) include increasing the price of water and the water conservation policies which tries to raise awareness on water issues and encourage responsible behaviour from people. Strategies to increase supply of water (supply strategies) are the increase of catchment areas like the number of reservoirs, international agreements between countries and the use of technology, such as water reclamation and desalination. It has been a hot question on whether the demand strategies are more effective than the supply strategies in overcoming this crisis. In this essay, I would be evaluating the demand and supply strategies based on their affordability, environmental impact and efficiency to judge its effectiveness. In my opinion, I do agree that the demand strategies are more effective than the supply strategies as it has the ability to solve the root cause of the situation and prevent the occurrence of such problems in the future. Since the amount of water available on Earth ultimately does not change, there is always a limit to the water supply available to the world and hence increasing demand causing a larger water footprint is the underlying cause for the water challenge humans face. Firstly, the strategies reducing the demand of water is more effective than the ones focussing on increasing the supply of water in overcoming the challenge of inadequate water based on their costs as the demand strategies are more affordable than the supply strategies. Some strategies managing the demand of water includes the increase in price of water, which aims to discourage people to use water unnecessarily, and water conservation policies, which plan to increase awareness on the importance of water. Through encouraging people to cut down the use of water, these demand strategies can help people to save money by decreasing the amount of tax they have to pay. For example, in Singapore, the Public Utilities Board (PUB) encourages households and non-domestic sectors to cut down the use of water through posters and activities such as the “10% Challenge”, which is targeted at the non-domestic sectors to save 10% of their monthly water consumption. In 2006, the cost of each cubic metre of water is 117 cents if the total use of water is one to 40 cubic metres. The price will increase to 140 cents if the use of water has surpassed 40 cubic metres. If an average family living in a condominium, with an average usage of 18 cubic metres of water per month, was given this water saving kit, they can save 5% of their utility bills, which approximately S$2. As families in Singapore follow the PUB’s instructions to upgrade their electrical appliances to better water efficiency levels and try their best to save water through their daily activities, they will be able to save more, indicating that the water campaigns are highly affordable as citizens would not need to pay any amount and can even save money from them. Besides helping industries and households to save money off their water bills, with the cooperation from the citizens, water conservation policies can also delay the need to use money to develop and upgrade facilities to increase water...
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