Essay: Write About the Incident When You Had to Deal with an Emergency

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  • Published : August 9, 2011
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I couldn’t fall asleep the night before, the scene of the emergency kept lurking in my head. The situation seemed to repeat before my eyes .The strange feeling of having to deal with an emergency. It all happened when I got late for college yesterday, I left house in a certain rush as I was going to miss an important lecture; I took my dads car as I missed my bus. I drove fast as I knew I couldn’t afford missing an important lecture and we lived far away from the college and I wanted to get there on time. Suddenly my phone rang and I quickly received it, it was my dad, he wanted to know why I took his car as the last time I damaged it. In this short while I lost control and accidently hit a person. I minute later I realized I almost killed an innocent kid. As I nervously approached him I understood that he was not dead but was injured and unconscious. I looked around to see if people appear at the scene but there was no sign of them, where could the child come from at this distant. I called the police and then when I was going to call my dad i found my cell phone was out of battery. I knew that if I let the kid bleed further he would not survive. Though my dad is a doctor I never knew how to deal with an emergency scanned my car and found a first Aid box in the trunk. I quickly bandaged the kid and carried him to the back of the car. It was meanwhile the police and the ambulance arrived. I explained them the situation and they told me that it was not my fault and I needed to calm down. There had been a kidnap case and the police were looking for the same child since long and they appreciated how I dealt with the emergency.
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