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North American BBA – 2nd Year Student, Group 1B
Mr. Cavey
Monday, November 14, 2011

In the US children go to school from 6 to 18.
6year-old child: 1st grade
7: 2nd grade
8: 3rd grade
9: 4th grade
1st grade to 12th grade
K through 12th grade (kindergarten)

Grade is a class, but also a mark.

11 to 18: Americans go to “high school” high school student (in British English, a student is over 18year old).

12th grade, when students are 18,
in the US, there’s no national educational system. Education is a state responsibility, not a national one. there are about 50 state systems.
how can a university judge a student’s level if there’s no national system. The SAT: The Scholastic Aptitude Test. Organized by a private organization, it fills the vacuum between the state educational system & the national state system (universities). SAT is part of the ETS group .

GMAT & TOEFL are part of the ETS group.
An SAT grade is the equivalent of our grade at baccalaureat.

University: means post bac (not like in France)
University & College (& school) are synonymous.

The Ivy League:
Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, U. Penn
a group of long-established colleges and universities in the eastern U.S. having high academic and social prestige. It includes Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Dartmouth, Cornell, Brown, and the University of Pennsylvania: [as adj. ] an Ivy League school.

State Universities: generally free or very cheap for residants(organized by one of the 50 states). But for out of state students, its paying (an out of state student).
Each state has one single state university. It may have different campuses.
Harvard: 30-40 K$ per year (for a normal undergraduate course) tuition fees (frais de scholarité).
Most of these universities...
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