Essay What Is Friendship

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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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Friendship is an in-depth relationship. Friendship is comfortable and relaxed. Friendship requires meeting the needs of both friends. Building a friendship from casual friends. Building  friendships takes time. Friendships  require self-disclosure so any friendship has risks, Talking and listening builds friendships. Friendships require equality and loyalty from friends. Maintenance of friendships is crucial. Friendships can not be neglected. One-on-one contact is a prerequisite of friendships. Friends must be flexible. Conflict must be resolved for friendships  to continue. Friendships do end. Friendships may not last. Friendships can lose importance and die gradually. Some friendships end abruptly with unresolved conflict. The worst enemy of friendships is change by one or both friends. There is usually pain with the loss of friendship. Setting Limits in Friendships Friendships as well as all other relationships must have limits. You set limits with your friends because you care for them and your relationship with them, not because you don't. Manipulation: If you think you are being manipulated, either by a friend, mate/lover, or relative, take this short test to check it out. Conversation: Being able to carry on a comfortable conversation with a social acquaintance is a matter of practice and following certain procedures in communicating. It also works for best friends, too. Toxic Friends and Toxic Friendships Not all friendships are good for you. How to recognize toxic friends. |When a friend talks and reveals ideas or feelings, he/she is expecting shared information in | |return. When the talk is not equal, the person talking feels as if the listener is | |uninterested. | |In fact, the person who is always the listener is really playing the role of a counselor, not | |a friend. Anytime you have been talking for more than a minute or two without participation | |from...
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